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Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude

by Unholy Baptism

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Born from the ashes of a dying world, amidst the salt and the smoke. Violent storms and raging oceans, whispers from the deep. As the fire rains from the black skies and life is consumed to be born anew. The soul, it is all, the essence of Man, ripped from the mortal shell. Cascaded through dimensions innumerable, infinite blackness and the burning, eternal eyes of forgotten gods. …and these scars are wounds unhealed. These scars are wounds unhealed… The lonely, black cold of emptiness, existent, insignificant, wretched, and when the night descends on the mortal realm the god of man shall be cast down. Gazing to the heavens, as the place where stars are born fades from existence, bringing everlasting darkness and desecration in its wake. Bound in thousands of chains, longing to break free of this cage. Digging deeper within, tormented, leaving permanent, lasting scars. …and these scars are wounds unhealed. These scars are wounds unhealed…
Shattered 04:33
Imprisoned, rotting, chained and hanging lifeless from the ceiling. The musty smell of countless ages, eroding dungeons claimed by the flow of time. In bondage, trapped in dreamscapes, dimensions intertwined, purgatorial. Shackled to the will of the heavens never to be set free. He comes in the blackest of nights shattering the chains of subjugation freeing the slaves from bondage and bringing eternal flame. From the chaos of the universe, descending upon the mortal coil, awakening the worthy from eternal slumber, opening the spiritual eye. The mysteries of the universe, revealed to the worthy, knowledge and power, in return, eternal servitude. He comes in the blackest of nights bearing the Book of Shadows demanding the true name signed in the blood of the willing. Breaking the chains, lord of the deep bearing the torch in a world of darkness. Bringer of night and the master of stars, god of the frozen northern reaches.
A black, frozen fog, descending on the frostbitten forests, spreading a poisonous malaise. As the sun lay hidden, enshrouded by looming mountains, deep inside mysterious woodlands, unseen by a new moon but illuminated by a raging fire. Chanting and dancing around the flames, naked and covered in the blood of the righteous. Summoning the almighty Lord of Darkness, offering the whole of their being. The smell of death and demented wailing, the mark of the Devil on bare skin, natural life blighted and decaying, turning the land infertile and barren. Withering woods… Withering woods… Beckoning the Devil from the spiritual realm, the mind and the body, willing, inviting. The flames, rising triumphantly in defiance of the heavens and all of creation. The secret sabbat, bathing in blood He arrives in the form of a goat, coming to take the heathens into the worlds beyond. Withering woods… Withering woods… Demons dancing in the shadows, joyous, embracing the flames entering the mortal realm, prepared to fulfill the will of the Devil.
At home among the darkness, lying in a decrepit wooden house where no light hath shone. The echoes of skittering, demons crawling along the walls and ceiling observing the pale, human flesh. The murmurs become louder, penetrating, boring through the mind, sighs digging claws into consciousness. Deafening screams in the pitch black, like nails scraping on stone, whispering the secrets of the stars. In the suffocating blackness, whispers of power eternal. Calling, beckoned to return to the stars and dimensions infernal. Whispering in the dead of night, sounds of the black sabbat reaching a fevered cacophony, summoning the lord of the dead, Hands wringing, embracing insanity, offering herself to the Devil, screaming into the unknown, begging for release from this world. The lord of the fire, descending upon her with outstretched hands, enveloped in shadow. And the deed is done, the journey has begun.
Staring deep within the flames, gaining the knowledge and the power of the ever-burning fire. Countless dimensions and infinite space, unlocking the secrets of the universe. The heavens revealed, the chaos of time unknown and blazing stars, grasped by frozen black tendrils. Free from bondage, chains broken embracing the power of the cosmos, gazing into the power of forgotten gods entering the world through eternal fire. The world expands, born anew as cryptic knowledge is revealed, “ under the sign of a dead star. Bathed in the light of a blood moon and the incandescent brilliance, the radiance of infinite light. Gazing into the annals of time, the life brought forth from the flames. True light and knowledge, not from the heavens but from the deepest reaches of galaxies innumerable. In the dead of night, bestial howls piercing through the silence of a dead wood towards eternity.
So it is done, the ritual complete, prepared for the spilling of Christian blood. Bringing the majesty of Satan into this world. The eternal flame, entering this realm to burn down the houses of God and set fire to the sheep and the spirit. Covered under the blackness of night, riding as the reaper towards death. Fevered screams penetrating the silence, as shadows dance in the flame. Demons’ eyes watching the holocaust and it is the heavens that are to blame. The water is poison and the wood is rotted, the earth is scorched and the soil is dead. The river is running red with the blood of the liars. The truth shall be revealed in death. Under the shadow of a starless night, demons summoned into the world, feasting on the charred remains and the blood of the holy. The ancient gods have entered this plane, materializing in existence. The sacrifices complete, removed from the watchful eyes of the heavens. Worship the chaos of the universe under the gaze of the immortal gods. As the dawn breaks and blood is spilled, Satan is made manifest.
Baptized in the majesty of Satan, lord of the eternal fire. Blood has been spilled in His name. Enveloped by the flames of a burning sun, embracing the chaos of infinite black oceans, becoming one with the light of stars. Under the watchful eyes of an unkindness of ravens, deep within the burning wood. Power growing within a frail human frame, eyes rolled in the back of her head, projecting the soul, piercing through planets innumerable. The sound of thunder, crashing in the distance, violent rain cleansing the world, the smell of charred, rotting corpses, brilliant flashes of lightning, illumination as the darkness of another dimension descends.


The album is the beginning of a trilogy exploring the unrepentant darkness of the human condition and the inconceivable power of the gods deep within the farthest reaches of the universe. This album explores the human consciousness and the opening of the mind to the vast, overwhelming power that exists outside of this terrestrial prison.


released October 5, 2018

All music written and arranged by Unholy Baptism.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered from November 2017 to May 2018 at Black Goat Studios


all rights reserved



Unholy Baptism Flagstaff, Arizona

Formed in the winter of 2008 in the frigid northlands of Arizona, Unholy Baptism was originally a guitar/drums black metal project. The goal was to blend mid 2000's new wave black metal with the grim tone of the early Norwegian scene. . A five track EP was recorded early in 2010 and was subsequently followed by multiple shows in Flagstaff, AZ. Unholy Baptism is now a recording only project. ... more

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